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Talent Idea
Lucky enterprise spirit:
Teamwork and cooperation;excution and efficiency;
Reformation and innovation;honest and keep faith;
Lucky management strategy:
build a century enterprise,creat first-rate quality;
Do small and medium-sized motor leader;
Lucky management goal:
Creat value fir customers,let employees live and work in peace and contentment,,responsible for the society.
Lucky quality policy:
People oriented, Focus on executive, Customer above, Continual improvement, Creat Lucky brilliant;
Lucky management concepts:
Organization cleart,system perfected;
Hunman nature management,,benefit sharing.
Lucky employee behavior standard:
Observe law and discipline,cherish posts and devote wholeheartedly to work,working fervency;
To superior:reasonable suggestion,frank communication,actively cooperateion,respect and obey;
To subordinate:care and help,training and motivation,fully authorized,put in motion and improve;
Colleagues:get along harmoniously,communication and trust,unite cooperation,make progress together;
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